Farmers read to classes in Mohansic and Brookside during Agriculture Literacy Week

Jan Bank's class incorporates multiplication
 into their taste-testing activity
Both Mohansic and Brookside elementary schools took part in Cornell Cooperative Extensions - New York Agricultural Literacy week. Betsy Stuart, from Stuart's Fruit Farm in Granite Springs, visited Mohansic students, and Mimi Edelman, from I & Me Farm in Bedford, visited Brookside students.   Both read The Grapes Grow Sweet by Lynne Tuft, a story about growing grapes and did a short taste-testing activity. The program, New York Ag in the Classroom, is intended to foster an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of how we produce food, fiber and natural resources by engaging educators and students with agriculture and food systems.  Both schools have been participating many years in this program, which falls under the many farm-to-school activities the district participates in.
Mimi Edelman reading with students