Let's Meet The NeighborHerd...

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Students tasting meatball samples

In the Yorktown High School cafeteria, the Aramark Team along with Yorktown’s Wellness Director, Mrs. Tolosi, made Italian-style meatballs from naturally raised hormone-free, pastured ground beef. The meatballs are featured monthly in the YHS menu.  The NeighborHerd, which works with school districts and their food service providers to replace ground beef with beef from naturally and locally grazed herd, is now an official Aramark vendor for Yorktown School District.  Aramark’s management team  and the NeighborHerd worked during the past three years to have this partnership come to fruition, and will use the NeighborHerd’s ground beef in the meatball entrees @ the High School. This is the first time we are offering meatballs utilizing the NeighborHerd’s ground beef at Yorktown, explained Mary Jo Hernandez, General Manager at Aramark. We are pleased to have this new menu item for the High School students,” she added.

 “It’s really good,” 9th Grader Lindsay Boyle said as she tried a sample.

“It does taste better. And it is good know it is local and healthy,” added her friend Julia Santini.

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Left to right) YHS Chef Shandi Lopez of Aramark, Laura Tolosi, the district’s Director of Wellness Programs, and Mary Jo Hernandez, general manager at Aramark.