MESMS Marches Into Wellness

Building Wellness Members
Think Before You Drink
 Lisa Epstein, MESMS school nurse, and Building Wellness members once again spearheaded the school's "March Into Wellness Week" this past March with a variety of activities and tastings.  Northern Westchester hospitals' Dietitians arrived with displays of "Think Before You Drink" and smart snacking, mental health speaker Mike Veny addressed transforming stigma about mental health to all students, and classroom meetings were held on mindfulness and empathy.  In addition, healthy tastings were available for free by the generosity of Yorktown Central School District's food service provider Aramark.  Samples consisted of Black bean salsa, Tzatziki sauce, Apple and Cheese Crepes, Chicken Gyro, Bruschetta Pizza, and Nachos/Plantain.  Due to the students' positive feedback, black bean salsa, chicken gyros with Tzatziki sauce, bruschetta pizza, and Plantain nachos have been incorporated into the MESMS school lunch menu!
Tzatziki Sauce